Huge President’s Day Ale!

Did you know today is Presidents’ Day?  Pull up a bar stool and I’ll tell you what I know.

  • Reason for the Season

This holiday was originally set on George Washington’s birthday, February 22, and is to this day still recognized by the federal government as “Washington’s Birthday,” not President’s Day.  In the 1970’s, lawmakers adjusted the date to fall on the third Monday of every February.  They tried to change the official name as well but failed.  Nevertheless, “Washington’s Birthday” lost traction over time in some states and it’s unofficial name, President’s Day, gained popularity.  Fortunately for us, we now get to enjoy huge President’s Day sales on mattresses and furniture!  Speaking of furniture, a President walks into a bar, does he prefer the bar, a table, or a booth?

  • Someone Will be Right with You

As it turns out, unless the President is on the campaign trail, a visit to a bar by them is a chance to escape and unwind, and not necessarily to socialize. So they have a tendency to gravitate to a more private booth.  The bar can be too crowded, easy to draw unwanted attention, and is probably on secret services’ list of no no’s.  A table against a wall could probably work, but it doesn’t quite give the same sense of security a booth does.  Besides, there are only two reasons to sit at a table in a bar.  You’re with a large group of people, or there is nowhere else to sit.  In a booth, you have your back against something sturdy, it’s often more comfortable, and it allows the privacy of only being seen and not heard.


Wine Down Tastings & Tapas

There are a few bars in the Washington D.C. area that are well-known watering holes for thirsty leaders of the free world.  These places rightfully feel privileged for the honor, but also understand that a level of discreetness comes with such high profile visitors.  As we move farther away, like New York or Virginia, bars tend to celebrate these visits more openly.  They call themselves “The President’s Choice”, or turn visited booths into shrines.  There are two bars, in fact, that claim to own the booth that John F. Kennedy proposed to Jackie, and they’re over 400 miles apart from each other.  It is also said that he proposed to her via a telegram.  I think everyone can agree what was really going on, right?  He did propose at both places, after the telegram, in an attempt to get a couple free meals paid for by the house.

  • Who’s Paying?

As tempting as it may be for a restaurant owner, bar owner, or a fellow patron to offer to pick up the tab for a visiting President, it is simply not allowed or at least not accepted.  IMG_1320Though it’s difficult to find anything specifically stating that a free or paid for dinner isn’t allowed, it is pretty well acknowledged by everyone that buying the President a meal or drinks fits under the category of a gift.  Accepting gifts from anyone is illegal under the Code of Ethics Law.  The law is designed to prevent bribing or any negative influence in decision making by our nation’s leaders, but apparently, it has a few flaws.  Don’t worry, we’re not going to get into that.  For now, all that is important to know is that for any reason you are fortunate enough to get to share a booth at the bar with any president in your lifetime, he or she will not stick you with their bill.

With that good news, I’d like to wish you a happy Washington’s Birthday and see you next week.


  • President’s Day

  • Ethics in Government Act

  • Ale to the Chief, A Presidential Pub Crawl

4 thoughts on “Huge President’s Day Ale!

  1. Why would anyone think of buying the President (or any other celebrity/ rich, famous person) a beer? They have enough money to pay for themselves AND for OUR beer. That always stomped me…That’s how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.


    • In my experience, buying someone a drink is more of an indirect way of saying thanks for spending your time with me while avoiding any awkward or uncomfortable conversations. Often times, if a friend buys me a drink, I return the favor when I can. Whether it be that same night or the next time we’re out. It has little to do with who can afford it or not.

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      • No, I totally agree in that regard. But it just bugs me a little when someone who is struggling financially goes above and beyond for someone who wouldn’t even think twice about shelling out a few bucks.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I see what you’re saying now. Yes it is unsettling when people let a little fame and fortune give them an over sized ego. A little show of appreciation really goes a long ways.


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